Step 1 Download The Robot
Your screen resolution must be resized to match the robot mouse click coordinates


Advanced Robot v0.3

Step 2 Install Required Packages

Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 x86 Redistributable Download
Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Download

Step 3 Get The Private Key

Sign up here to get your private key

Step 4 Activate The Robot Using One Of Our Payment Methods

Our Payment Methods

BTC Address : 1EapKeTtJ5DghKPPhbj3joYQNAwN5ufB9J
Skrill Email :
Paypal Email :

Once you run the robot, you will be prompted to pay 250 USD fees using PayPal, proceed payment then come back to our support chat if you have other questions. We also accept Skrill And BTC however you can send us manually 250 USD for basic and 500 USD for advanced to the above mentioned addresses in Our Payment Methods and we will update your key.

Basic Version Last Step We Need To Configure The Robot

Please make sure to click contine so the popup will not show again.

We Need To Configure The Robot

1 - Write your iqoption email address
2 - Write your iqoption password
3 - Write your private key and make sure there is no space added at the end
4 - Then click Sign in button
Select NOTOTC or OTC checkbox based on the week trading time
5 - Take profit should be 10% or more of your current balance
6 - Stop Loss should be less than your take profit
Martingale or fixed bid if you choose martingale the robot will automatically fire amounts based on the result of each trade.
7 - If you choose fixed amount, you have to enter the amount that the robot will always trade with
Finally click on the Start button and do not minimize the window otherwise the call or put buttons will not be found.
9 - Mouse Settings please press your keyboard up key to enter coordinates of each section

9 - Move mouse to amount and press keyup in your keyboard to get coordinates , open notepad and right those coordindates X,Y then click ok, then repeat the same for higher and new option (new option button usually has the same coordinates as higher button)

Finally click test mouse, if everything is fine, just select your robot setting and hit the start button to start trading

Advanced Version We Need To Setup Our Strategy

1 - Displays all indicators rate and changes every second
2 - Indicates the action taken by the robot
3 - When selecting support or resistance startegy we need to enter the amount in which the robot will execute call or put when the condition is met with the value you entered
4 - Those are indicators, for example when you select RSI Overbought and STOCH Overbought the robot will check every second until both values are overbought and after that it will execute call or put based on your setup
5 - Important settings
Option Amount should be not less than 1
Target profit should be 10% or more of your current balance
Stop Loss should be less than your take profit
6 - Whenever you start the robot you need to test the call and put button if they are clicking or not, otherwise contact our support team to fix your screen in case if its not matching the coordinates.
7 - It must be gmail address to receive notification whenever the robot reach the profit or loss.
8 - Final step is clicking the start button to let the robot watch and execute your strategy whenever it matches your conditions.

Important Note For Advanced Version You Have To Run It As Adminstrator

Advanced Guide PDF