Very Important Step
Account must be in USD currency please make sure to have your account as USD currency, otherwise contact support and they will help you.
Disable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) before you start using the robot
Disable Windows Firewall or Any AntiVirus
Note If possible run this software at home network, if you try it in your office probably it will not work because of your work network policies

Step 1 Download iFoption Binary Trading Robot

Please download the file below and run the file named ifoption_v01_18082019.exe (do not make shortcut please, run it directly from the folder)

Download iFoption File .zip

Step 2 Install Required Packages

Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 Download
Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Download
Unzip the file then run ifoption_v01_18082019.exe

Step 3 Register To Get License Key For iFoption Binary Trading Robot

Register here To Get License Key For iFoption Binary Trading Robot

Step 4 Activate The Robot Using One Of Our Payment Methods

Our Payment Methods

Skrill Email :
Paypal Email :

Once you run the robot, you will be prompted to pay 299 USD fees using PayPal, proceed payment then come back to our support chat if you have other questions. We also accept Skrill however you can send us manually 299 USD to the above mentioned addresses in Our Payment Methods and we will update your details.

Last Step We Need To Configure The Robot

1- Login To Platform enter your iqoption email and password to login
2- License Key : enter your license key
3- Mode? : choose mode real or practice
4- Currencies : all currencies are selected automatically
5- Strategy? : select the strategy you wish to use while trading
6- Goal? : select the goal you want to reach
7- Robot Activities : it will keep history of all trades
8- Login Logs : checks the credentials

Troubelshooting The Robot

Step 1

Make new folder and name ifoptionrobot and extracting the robot inside this folder, you should have list of files and folder named ifoptionengine as shown in the picture above.

Step 2

Please open cmd.exe (console) and change to directory where the robot is, in my computer the robot folder is in the below path, type
cd C:\Users\your_computer_name\Desktop\ifoptionrobot\ifoptionengine\dist\ifoptionengine
then press enter

Step 3

Now execute the below command
ifoptionengine.exe "your iq option email" "your iqoption password" "your license key here" "PRACTICE" 50
please keep the double "" quotes as it is , do not remove them but 50 should be without double qoutes, then press enter
now you should see the below result

        Release date : 16-Sep-2019
        iFoption engine
        key retrieved
        client key   :  364D26bleqLTqpdDEFIG7KbRKjr18c9q
        client email :
        server date  :  2019-09-22
        client date  :  2019-10-01
        AppCode      :  ff8498d2165bbe86a28879f1e4dcbba4
        current balance is : 135650.7
        Today is  Sunday ... Picking OTC Market
        Protection Balance ######### : : : :  108520.56  Time  :::   2019-09-22 11:41:41.463358
        Trading Started ...
        Trade time of script is  2019-09-22 11:41:41.463358
        +50% selected, trading more than 100 selected. It will take little bit more to reach your goal
        goal to be reached +50% :  203476.05000000002
        robot should stop at loss :  108520.56
        current balance is :  135650.7
        Registering balance one XXX=>  135650.7
        calculateloss dbgx0002------------ : ###  108520.56

After executing the command in the step 3 if you receive any error, please send us email immediately to with the error message or picture of the error