IFoption Robot Configuration

Trade Rate : 5-16 Trades Per 24 hours
Win Rate : 50% to 65%

Login To Platform

- Write email
- Write password

License Key

- Copy paste your key

Very Important Step
Account must be in USD currency please make sure to have your account as USD currency, otherwise contact support and they will help you.
Disable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) before you start using the robot
Disable Windows Firewall or Any AntiVirus
Note If possible run this software at home network, if you try it in your office probably it will not work because of your work network policies

Step 1 Download ifoption SMA and CCI Short Term Strategy

Please download the file below and run the file named ifoption.exe

Download ifoption SMA and CCI Short Term Strategy .zip
Important : Before running any pair first check which pair is "Online" then launch the pair

Instructions : 

1.  Select Practice Account or Real Account
2.  Select Currency From The List
3.  Enter Your Trading Amount (it should be integer, example : 1, 2 , 3 .... etc, decimal numbers are not accepted)
4. Once done select each tab and in each tab select PAIR, or if its OTC then click "Launch", because
you will run each currency in every tab

Step 2 Install Required Packages If Needed (for Windows 10 updates installed no need)

Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 Download
Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Download
Unzip the file engine_short_term_ifoption_25122020.zip then run ifoption.exe

Step 3 Register To Get License Key For ifoption Robot SMA and CCI Short Term Strategy

Register here To Get Product Key For ifoption Robot SMA and CCI Short Term Strategy

Step 4 Proceed Payment To Activate The Robot
Send payment to one of the below payment methods :
Paypal: ifoptioniqproking@gmail.com
Skrill : ifoptioniqproking@gmail.com
Bitcoin : 1JJe3NNCptttEZZSKzJBvF4V8ZSMLptVyT
Neteller : 551525864885

Lifetime Price $5600

Monthly Price $7.99